Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Bee, Me!

Alright- we've established that I play music, and I dance. (I'll have to get into the dancing subject in depth sometime....) What ELSE do I do, that makes all my friends complain that I never have any any ANY free time? I am very deeply entrenched in my SL...

I Explore! There are so many amazing and clever and funny and beautiful things to see, and do, and be a part of here! So to that end, I will, (hopefully,) be posting images and descriptions of the places and things I find in my wanderings. There are galleries, musical venues, dance clubs, exotic villages, alternate worlds, anything and everything one can imagine seems to have some niche in some corner of this virtual reality!

But I don't JUST wander around, randomly looking at things, of course.. there have to be reasons to go places, and ways of finding them. So I also....

FISH! Yep I'm a 7-Seas junkie- you betcha! And there are some incredible things to see as one explores the fishing holes of Second Life, as well as some fantastic custom content created by the clever folks who run them! So yeah. I'll post pics and links of fish, and fishing holes, too. Eventually.

I also love to HUNT! Hunting is an addiction that makes fishing seem like childsplay- if you've never participated in any of the gridwide hunts- especially if, like me, you LOVE free stuff, then you really are missing out on an entire world of entertainment and subculture!

And there is, of course, that all-time Second Life hobby of hobbies- yes, people... I Shop. I shop with a frenzy I shop as an artform. I buy things I don't need, and even can't use, simply because they are beautifully made. I am, after all, a muse, which I suppose that I STILL have not explained. Next post- promise!

I am, as you might guess from all the pics, an avid photographer, and consider myself a purist, in that (apart from graphic design of posters and promo material,) I avoid photo manipulation at all cost. The only things I do out of world to my images is crop, and occasionally color-retouch. Not to say of course, that I think there is anything wrong with photo-manipulation, but I feel, in SL as anywhere, it's a competely separate art from photography, which should focus on framing, light, and composition. (More on that later too!)

For a while, I confess, there were chickens in my life.... But henceforth let me be known as Senjata- Devourer of Chickens and Angel of Vengeance against Sion and his evil minions!

Okay- the grid beckons, and I must go, but next post- about the muses. What we are, what we do, and the myths dispelled. See you in Zindra!

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