Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Expeditions in Grid-Hopping

In the process if seeking inspiration for the photoshoot I've been struggling with, I've done one of my favorite things: Grid-Hopping. For the un-pixelated, that means travelling somewhat randomly around the grid, via the map-system, or others' offered links, seeking out attractions and interesting installations, curiosities, beautiful landscape, or anything else one might expect (or even more often, NOT expect) to find in the virtual world. KoinUp, (one of my very favorite social networks,) allows it's members to landmark the images they share, so that others can visit the places they discover, and I just found a whopper, discovered by one of my fellow avid grid hoppers. This is a monster epic of a grid creation, and I have no idea why it's not more well-known. Then again, maybe I get more excited about maps than most people do...

The sim is called Rumsey Maps, or more accurately, the sims- plural. There are four, and they are difficult to describe. I'm parked there now, my draw-distance set to an insane 512 meters, waiting for the place to fully rez so I can post pictures... which will follow this astonished ramble. Oh look!  Here they are now! (Oh... and if you want to go there, here's the SLurl! Rumsey Maps Museum

Sunday, September 25, 2011

There really should be

...a blog topper with time-sensitive material that gets auto-deleted when it's no longer relevant. To that end, I will be occasionally slashing through, eliminating bloggisms that lack any long-term content value.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fanning Flames

I've begun work on the Primordial Muse section, and hope that it's both enlightening and entertaining. Using a blogging format to accomplish this is frustrating at best, but the little distractions of formatting distract me sufficiently at least to keep the creativity flowing nicely.  I hadn't thought in much depth about the Muse Mythos in quite a long time, but since I've been working on the sim again, it seemed only right to make another run at expressing the mythos to a wider audience. The first few parts are finished, and I've gotten farther in writing it all out than I have in the past, so that too is promising. I guess we'll see what that yields soon enough!


On the music front, the urge to write is starting to really itch, and my lack of privacy toward that goal has some respite at last, too.  I've been nudged by several sources to provide a fresh biography and promo shots, and I suppose it has been nearly a year since the last promo revamp, so a brainstorming and photoshoot session should be underway in the next day or two as well. Good things. Hey look! I do more than fish and hunt and play with meeroos.  Sad to say, I haven't had time to dance in a very long time.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

With Some Degree Of Hope...

... I install Scribefire. I really would like to keep my blog a bit more current, and if I can make blogging a bit more integral to my web process, then it will be that much more likely. This is just the first attempt. I suppose you'll know soon enough whether it's a success or a crashing dismal failure!